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March 2021

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Finding Your PathFeatured

The idea I had suggested and explained was going to be the focus of the students’ summer project. My mouth dropped. Almost on video chat. That was it. It was the moment I looked at myself and my practicality. I had already been thinking about a new direction I could head in, and this sealed it. In that moment, I realized I really need to be in charge of my trajectory.

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Making ME TimeFeatured

As restrictions begin to lift in places, some of us may have to figure out what me time looks like. The pandemic has changed our life and our routines. You might find yourself in a different mindset about what me time looks like now. You might have different requirements for me time than you did last year. The good thing is you have time to figure it out. There’s no one way and there’s no right way to do me time.

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