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A financial journey Before & After the big FOUR OHHH.

Before I even get started sharing my personal yellow brick Road, let me give you a few things to consider right out the gate:

  • SEX

Let’s start from the beginning, though.

Raised by a single black mom, you learn quickly what you can and can not do financially. I saw discipline, endurance and frustration wrapped up in the words, “Not Right Now” or “No” or “Who is going to pay for that?!” I vowed at the age of 5 to be an entrepreneur so I could make money and have financial freedom.

While my mom did an amazing job at raising me, the streets showed me two options: Cookie Lady or Drug Dealer. If you don’t know what a cookie lady is, she’s your local neighborhood candy store. I chose cookie lady; however, my mom was not!

First Collaboration down the drain. Damn man, I was crushed. Fast forward to age 14, I began to work and enjoy the generating income. Wish someone would have told me to invest from then (RIGHT!!).

It wasn’t until I was 18 and off to college that I realized that life, money, goals and relationships was something I needed a lot of help with.

What Degree?

As a college grad, I felt like raggedy ann. All beat up and tired from working so hard to find that Management Information Systems was not that popular in Florida and a year of unemployment made my first job at Burger King feel like a big executive position (LOL).

This is when I started to dream really big, like million dollar big. Thinking about owning a home, having a family, being the Matriarch of the family (you know the one on the oil painting or on the medallion…yeah that type).

But I didn’t know that by the time I reached 40 I would suffer 20 years of financial miseducation and frustration. When did you realize that shit might just hit the fan and mess up your BY THE TIME I’M 40 plans?

In my next article, I’d like to get a little bit deeper into the juicy details as I’ve recently turned 40. While I’m not where I want to be, meditation, writing, and bonding with women has really support me. I can’t wait to tell you how sex works it’s way into all of this.

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