About Renee Scott

R. Scott, as any English major, is a high school English teacher dreaming of writing a bestseller. And some days sharing her love for literature with hormone laden teenagers is quite insightful. Renee’s love for words also causes her to spend hours sending one email because she’s looking for the perfect word.  She’s written some educational articles and has spent some time editing manuscripts for accomplished and novice writers. R loves the world of realistic, speculative, and science fiction. R writes a lot of nonfiction as a teacher and a few articles and blogs have been published. 

R is an East Coast living California Dreaming writer who is currently working on curating a book of essays focused on what womxnhood means for Gen X womxn. She’s also busy catching up on Star Trek, reading all the novels she’s bought to read while perusing the internet to buy more novels, and trying to figure out the difference between settling and accepting that maybe this is as good as it’s going to get.

If you want to know when R’s next book is coming out, please follow on Twitter @liber8tdpen.