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Let’s Be Honest about “Heal” FirstFeatured

There is a big move and push to heal before you move into anything new. Before moving into a new job. Before moving into a new place. Before moving into a new friendship. And definitely before you move into a new relationship. Heal! What are you a cut? Are you a broken bone? These two things have a finite time in which they heal. Do human beings?

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Making ME TimeFeatured

As restrictions begin to lift in places, some of us may have to figure out what me time looks like. The pandemic has changed our life and our routines. You might find yourself in a different mindset about what me time looks like now. You might have different requirements for me time than you did last year. The good thing is you have time to figure it out. There’s no one way and there’s no right way to do me time.

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The Other Side of 40 | The Beginning

The Other Side of 40 – Renee’s Story

I’m 41 and still, it’s not what I expected. I still fight fear and sometimes it wins. As to whether life is better or not, well it depends on the bar of expectations I’ve set. The rules that I’ve followed to the T have not made my life exceedingly better. Is it time to shake up the rules? Is it time to break them? Is it time to accept things as they are and settle?

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