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Deb Corson

While I seldom find the time to seek out a swing these days, I do channel that memory and set my imagination free to fuel my creative spirit. I love my day job as a creative and brand strategist, but it’s the storyteller in me that fuels my passion. It’s in those stories where words become images and sensations, giving my readers a relatable and memorable experience. 

Giving back is at my core, because we have just this one life and one planet. As a member of the human race, I feel compelled to help where and when I can. My esoteric Piscean ways lead me in directions unknown, uncomfortable and unseen. That’s how I grow.  

While I’ve lingered on the other side of 50 for a few years now, I try to bring wisdom and acceptance along my path of mistakes. Mistakes and successes have led me through this vast universe to this place and time. Thank you for being a part of my journey. Let’s go!


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Latoya Byrd

Latoya Byrd is a sassy southern bell, Miami Native with a passion for people with a huge heart of entrepreneurship. Currently, She is both an educator and a business owner with her eyes set on being a game changer for her family.

With over 10 years of experience as a high school computer teacher, Latoya was inspired to challenge her career and designed a successful internship program from scratch that specializes in Community Engagement, Career and Entrepreneurship Preparedness and Personal Development for teens.

Most rewarding for her is being able to advocate for the youth and support their creative career goals wholeheartedly (without filter or judgment). Transformation is a new lifestyle commitment that has this business beauty stepping outside of her comfort zones! Living a life with financial limits, even as a seasoned professional with a degree fueled Latoya to seek a higher level of understand about this thing we all need called MONEY. So, what better way to learn about something? Go all in right?! Ms. Byrd is now a professional in the financial services industry. As a Generational Wealth Broker (aka Lic. Life Insurance Agent)/ Educator for PHP AGENCY, she is transforming both her finances and the finances of friends, family and fellow business owners.

My Writings