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Hey! Welcome to the Other Side of 40 podcast and I’m so thankful that you’re here. I’m your host, April Grant. I’m here to help women over 40 live a guilt-free life. This podcast came to be from my own experience. I did everything that was expected of me. I went to school, got a law degree, had children, got married, and now I have a family of five.

At home, everything was relatively happy. I was blessed to have a husband who made enough to take care of us, and I didn’t have to work. I chose to work part time during the hours my children were in school so that I could be there for them, and I’m totally grateful for that experience. However, one day when I woke up. I wasn’t 40 on the dot, but I was getting pretty close to it.

I just had this epiphany that I was unhappy, and I mean that unhappiness is like in your stomach, in your gut, in your core. No amount of affirmations or written lists of gratitude changed it. I thought it was my relationship, which definitely was a contributing factor, but ultimately that really wasn’t it.

I got therapy. I got energy clearings. I did all sorts of woo-woo stuff, spirituality-like stuff and whatnot. I prayed. I got down on my knees, I talked to other Christian women. I even got my husband therapy, I thought if we could work together, if he can improve some and I can improve some, then we can come back together and be this nice strong couple.

Still, it was only baby steps. It wasn’t working in any kind of profound way, and I’m not saying that therapy is supposed to be quick or fast or any of these things should it happen overnight, but the small, tiny little pieces, the little bits of change were so small, they were almost insignificant.

Then, I saw this meme, “You often feel tired, not because you’ve done too much, but because you’ve done too little of what sparks a light in you,” Alexander Dan Heijer, and it all kind of come, came together, except I couldn’t remember what sparked a light in me. Growing up, I used to love team sports. I was an athlete and I loved to read, dive into a book. But now with the schedule getting together on a team, it’s just so much more complicated. Managing three kids schedules, plus your own team’s schedule, is just too much.

Then we take a look at reading. Reading sounds wonderful. But as soon as I curl up with a good book, my eyes slowly close and I fall right asleep.

Then when it comes to thinking about the changes that I do want to make in any capacity, I just felt so much guilt, guilt that I wanted more, guilt that I wanted something for me, guilt that I couldn’t spend nearly as much time with my family and guilt that I was ready to pursue what I really wanted to.

Then came the money. I wouldn’t even be earning any money. Before, at least, I was earning part time money. But really, you know, diving into even this, the podcast, I’m not making any money, but I knew I needed to make a change.

The more I started talking to my friends, the more I realized I wasn’t alone. And I found out that somewhere around turning 40, somewhere around 38 to 45, other women have also had these awakenings.

Something that said in them, in their gut, in their head that said they needed to change. Now the change was different for all of them. Some wanted to get divorced, some really wanted to get married and really commit to someone, which they had been fighting their entire life. Some was changing jobs, some wanted to start their own business.

So here are the Other Side of 40, I will interview women, talk to experts, and be here to listen to your needs as we grow. I want you to know that you’re not alone and you can do it.

Thank you for listening to my first episode while my intro episode, and I hope that you join us online for the conversation.

Today is your day! Have a great one!

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