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The Other Side of 40 is a dedicated space to women who have made positive changes in their lives after the age of 40. Join host, April Grant, as she highlights women to help you find inspiration and support as you start the next chapter of your life.

Today we are joined by Cachet Prescott, mindset coach and creator/host of the podcast All Things Unlearned, uses her teaching and social background to help people unlearn in order for personal transformation. She helps people grow from where they are to where they want to be by helping people align their thoughts to habits, words, and actions, to help people get to where they want to be.

Episode Notes:

We come to the table with a set of knowledge. We know what we know and live by it. Life does not always abide by our knowledge base. What happens when something offends that knowledge? What happens when the things you know do not help you move forward?

Cachet Prescott shares her story and how she helps people unlearn. Unlearning is the process of changing what you do not want. Sometimes the things you have learned are faulty or outdated. Unlearning allows you to move forward to get the things you want. In this episode join, Cachet helps us unlearn comparison, unlearn imposter syndrome, and unlearn the reliance on external validation. Cachet will help you shift your mindset to UNLEARN what’s holding you back so that you can LEARN new habits to get things done. 

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Transcript Below:

00:00:21 April Grant
Hello And today we welcome cachet. Prescott, who thrives on helping others move from where they were to where they want to be,

00:00:31 April Grant
tapping into her social sciences and teaching background. She supports clients in taking charge of how they move and show up in the world by helping them shift their thoughts, perspectives, habits, words and actions on her podcast. All things unlearned. Cash A focuses on helping others use unlearning as a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation. And she shares

00:00:59 April Grant
the personal on learning journeys of people from all walks of life.

00:01:06 April Grant
So welcome, cachet. How are you doing? I’m good. How are you today? I’m It’s a day, but no, Everything’s good over here. Um so

00:01:20 April Grant
as I start out with, did you have an awakening moment and tell us about it?

00:01:26 April Grant
Oh, I definitely

00:01:27 Cachet Prescott
did. I think I had a similar moment. Too many of us where in my mid thirties, probably around 35 ish. I was just kind of feeling like, uh,

00:01:38 Cachet Prescott
I don’t know what’s going on but the saying it. Whatever it waas this wasn’t it.

00:01:43 Cachet Prescott
And I was feeling kind of ah, loss of identity for a variety of reasons. Um, a married to the military. So my husband’s in the military and the military. My identity was just mill spouse, just his wife. We have three daughters together, and so I was their mother. And, um, as a function of being a part of this military life, my career wasn’t in a place in space where I wanted it to be. Um, just because, you know, a lot of places went to there were a lot of just great job opportunities for a variety of reasons. And so my career, uh, Thio play second fiddle to his and it took a toll on me because I’m ah, pretty ambitious person. Um, when I met my husband, I was I was in a PhD program. I didn’t end up finishing and nothing to do with him. It was just my personal choice not to finish that program. But when we moved to Montana, which was our first base, I was working at Barnes and Noble just to get out the house because I couldn’t find any opportunities. And I’m not knocking Barnes and Noble cause I love the bookstore. But I didn’t go to school. Thio do that. I had aspirations of doing other things. And so after I swear it seemed like the Siris of unfortunate events where I would start a job and it would be a limit. The position would be eliminated or I would start at another place and they would close the office. I felt like the professional closer for places. I felt like I was a bad luck charm for these places. Or

00:03:19 April Grant
maybe that was an indication to do something else. And that’s exactly what it was. But at the time I was in

00:03:25 Cachet Prescott
the thick of it, I was in my feelings, right, right. So I took it personally. I was just like, Okay, what was wrong with me? E. And so, um, I got to the point where I was just kind of sick and tired of being sick and tired, and one thing that came out of it was this kind of journey into entrepreneurship. It was, you know, they say necessity is the mother of invention. So I just decided to create my own portable career opportunity, doing this stuff that I loved to dio and that was back in 2011 okay, and which was great, but

00:03:59 Cachet Prescott
it wasn’t the answer, it was part of the answer. Um, and I was learning that

00:04:07 Cachet Prescott
there were still some things inside that I needed to address that I wasn’t addressing, Um just a variety of things, you know, I’m an introvert. And so personality waas There were some things that

00:04:22 Cachet Prescott
affected me that I didn’t even realize affected me to the degree that they did just my interactions with people. So I had to do some serious soul searching an assessment and just kind of figuring out learning me and that And that was that’s been, you know, I’m 41 at this point. That’s been six years in the making of really learning of myself. And that’s where the whole idea of my podcast came along with this whole idea of unlearning because there have been some things that I learned along the way that just weren’t serving me in the person that I wanna be today or want to be in the future. And

00:05:02 Cachet Prescott
it’s it’s simple things like the way I communicated. Sometimes I allow myself to be to kind of hide in the background, uh, in some capacities, I will be right out there and up front and you know when it’s teaching or doing a workshop, I have no problem doing it. But in other instances there were moments where I would shrink from conversations that needed to be had. And as a result, they created unnecessary tension with me and people. Or it allows people to believe that they could, um e I taught them how to treat me. Basically,

00:05:39 April Grant
I’m relating to everything you’re saying right now.

00:05:42 Cachet Prescott
I taught them that it’s OK. Thio ignore her. It’s OK to disrespect her. She didn’t say anything about it, so and so I didn’t realize that mind avoidance of confrontation was having such a negative effect on me. I thought it was just this place in space where okay, I don’t like drama. Just gonna stay away from it. But again, I taught these people that okay, she’s not gonna say anything. So it’s all right for me to say what I want to her or say what I want about her. She’s not gonna say anything about it.

00:06:16 April Grant
And she’s not gonna She’s still gonna be my friend and she’s still gonna come. Absolutely. She will still be okay.

00:06:22 Cachet Prescott
Ding ding ding on And that was a problem because that that what? That couldn’t be further from the truth. But they didn’t know that because I didn’t really and truly have the courage. Thio say the things that needed to be said have the conversations that needed to be had. So another thing was a few years ago, probably probably at this point about three years ago Ah, close family friend sat me down and

00:06:49 Cachet Prescott
she said to me basically that I’m always offended about things

00:06:54 Cachet Prescott
and I was thrown off guard when she said it first. I was offended that

00:06:58 April Grant
she said, I’m going to start out being offended. Of course, Yeah. Uh, but then because

00:07:05 Cachet Prescott
I’m a learner by nature E because I also don’t say anything in the moment I let her talk. Yeah, Andi, She said it in a place of love. So she wasn’t coming at me, and I disrespectful way she wasn’t coming at me in a crazy way. She really did come from a place of love. But once I left that conversation, I really had toe sit with self and it was uncomfortable. But because I’m a learner, I also went and got a book

00:07:33 Cachet Prescott
to really learn more about it, Um, from a biblical perspective. And there’s this book called The Bait of Satan.

00:07:40 Cachet Prescott
Um, fate of Satan, the bait. B A I t of Satan,

00:07:45 Cachet Prescott
and it really talks about this whole idea of a fence and how

00:07:52 Cachet Prescott
toxic it is for you when you live in this place and space of always being offended by everything that everyone says. And when I read that book, I was just like, Oh my gosh, why are you talking about me in this book? It was just like like,

00:08:08 April Grant
how do you know my life? Exactly? I was like, Really? You don’t have to go and do me like that. And what? It’s not that you

00:08:16 Cachet Prescott
shouldn’t feel away when people do disrespect you, it’s not that you shouldn’t feel away. If there’s something that’s done that you don’t agree with, you are absolutely entitled to feel how you feel about a situation. It’s when you let it rule you. When you give those emotions that power, that a fence that power on how you move and you let it really hold on to you. Hold on to that resentment. You hold onto that bitterness you hold on to, um, the offense and you won’t let it. You can’t shake it loose. That’s when the problem comes into play. And that’s what I was allowing to happen to me.

00:08:55 Cachet Prescott
Um, and I was offended by a lot of things. There were some things you know I had a right to be offended by. There’s some things. It’s just like it’s not that deep. It’s not that serious. And since then it has really transformed and me and how I move in what I pay attention to or what I let hold my attention. Um, I don’t always jump to the conclusion that somebody is doing something to offend me. Now. I try to see things from their perspective, and I also try to see try to see, um, my role in the situation. I’m a human being. Don’t do it perfectly, but I do try toe, not assume the worst in people anymore in their intention. So

00:09:39 April Grant
yeah, I mean e mean it’s just really hard to hold a relationship with somebody when you expect the worst or think that they’re out to get you and if they are out to get you, then they really need not be in your life. But if you really think

00:09:58 April Grant
if you don’t think they’re really out to get you, then you’ve got to kind of

00:10:02 April Grant
treat them as people fallible humans that make mistakes on. And sometimes that’s hard because you have you, you have tow, forgive and release a lot of

00:10:16 April Grant
perceived slights,

00:10:18 April Grant
Um, and to move forward in the relationship. So I I feel you girl, I feel you and often times it’s not even even if

00:10:29 Cachet Prescott
they are trying to slight you. Sometimes you just gotta just brush it off because it’s just like, you know what this is more about? This says more about you as a person than it does me a person and as a person. And so when I keep that perspective, I’m just like, OK, you can say what you want. I don’t I don’t need your validation. And that was part of the issue.

00:10:50 Cachet Prescott
I was seeking a lot of external validation then, um, and now I’m gonna place in space where it’s not as important again. Not perfect, because, you know, sometimes I’m like, Okay, I like when people say those things, but a much more or aware of the fact that I don’t need, uh, everybody to agree with how I’m living in this world. What I’m doing in this world, it’s not that important. Eso

00:11:16 April Grant
Yeah. Oh, awesome. So tell tell us more about how you basically came to the realization that you want to either start the podcast or how you unlearn because your process seems to be about unlearning What are you learning and what are you focusing on with people and helping them how to unlearn? I know I asked four questions, but just tell us all about that on all the things. All the

00:11:47 Cachet Prescott
eso again the seeds were planted for this podcast with my own personal situation in my own process of unlearning. But I didn’t know that’s what it was even called. I didn’t have a word for it. E no, it was something that was happening for me. But I didn’t have the language for it. And and so over the past few years, probably the past two years, I really wanted to start a podcast and I came up with amazing ideas, outlined them, flesh them out, all that good stuff, like I always do and never moved to action. And now I know it was because those weren’t the podcast I was supposed I was supposed to do. This was the one that I was supposed to do. Um, but I was frustrated because I was just like, you know, I have these ideas and I got my Evernote and I have worked flowing, and I got the outline and have the people wanna invite, and I never did anything with it. And

00:12:43 Cachet Prescott
the unlearning thing started to kind of come to mind because, you know, I do special development workshops. I’m a mindset coach. I’m a So I talked to people about mindset and what role that plays in their success, because often times is the stuff in our head that stops us from before myself included, um And so when I was doing a workshop on communication, it was effective communication workshop. I m e I know where I just decided to ask people about

00:13:18 Cachet Prescott
their communication habits that they grew up with. We started having conversations about that. How they learn to communicate. You know what, How how that formed, who they are as adults in the way they communicate.

00:13:31 Cachet Prescott
And so then we talked about that have really good conversation, surrounded about that around that area. And then we talked. And then I thought about the question. Okay, so how has that done? How have those habits done You a disservice at this point, right? You know, what are some of the things that you learned when you were younger? Whether it be from parents, family schools, period years, whatever, Um, what are some of those things that you learned that no longer serve you as a person? Now,

00:14:02 Cachet Prescott
how are some of those things get in the way? And that conversation was so good and really got the wheels turning in my head on. This is earlier this year at the start of 2020 where I had that workshop, and then e just started thinking about it, and I don’t know where I heard the term unlearned, but it just came up.

00:14:22 Cachet Prescott
And then another podcast that I really like, uh, was called Jesus and Olaf with Libya Judy and Yvonne Orgy. They had their season three, um, come premier. And their season three was called the Learning. And, you know, I had already been thinking about the podcast at this time. But then I heard the trailer for their podcast, and I was like, and so it felt like confirmation, like, Okay, this might be a topic. Um, that could be an interesting topic. And so once, I had already decided to do the podcast at that point. But when I heard that, I was just like, okay, I feel like I am onto something. But of course, part of the process is unlearning the fear and the doubt that comes along with that because I immediately went to Okay, they’re already talking about this. They have established audience people that are already following them. And I don’t want people to think that I’m copying and I had to have a conversation itself and said, Okay, that’s not my alter ego. Shea Shea just really talk about the fact that,

00:15:32 Cachet Prescott
yeah, they’re talking about it. But it’s like that whole analogy about small business. You know, people saying that why can’t do this? Because markets are oversaturated and people are already doing this. But if you go down the bread out at the supermarket or the grocery store,

00:15:48 April Grant
there’s 30 different types of brand, you know, don’t let

00:15:52 Cachet Prescott
that stop you. And so I was like, Okay, it doesn’t matter. There are other podcasts exists on the top government learning. You know how many other entrepreneurial podcast there are out there? Thousands. You can’t let that stop you. And then also, this is your spin on it. This is your perspective on it.

00:16:12 April Grant
And your voice? Yes, your voice and the way you you will relate to people differently than other people will relate Thio So different, Uh, speakers like you can hear to podcast on the exact same subject. And when you’re like, Oh, that was really good And the other one go Not so good thing, a hot one. And it’s the same subject in the sames matter. You might have even gotten the same information out of it. But because you didn’t relate to that person, you didn’t get the fullness of it.

00:16:45 April Grant
Absolutely. And that’s

00:16:46 Cachet Prescott
what again I had to tell Shea. Calm down, We’re gonna do this. And so once I had that quick moment with self, it was on, and it felt like all the pieces just kind of fell into place because, like I said, this was the topic. I was supposed to move on. Um, I love the topic of I’m a learner by nature, but just look at it just from this different angle, because unlearning it’s a form of learning. But when we think about learning, we just think about all the information we just want to add to the plate.

00:17:17 Cachet Prescott
But the issue is, sometimes we’re adding an information to ah ah, faulty what they call a mental model. You know, your existing

00:17:25 Cachet Prescott
base of learning or existing base of information. So if that’s faulty in some way, shape or form, but you’re just adding information. On top of that, you’re still not going to get the results that you want to

00:17:36 April Grant
get. My husband and I talk about it. We actually he read some book and they called it reprogramming. Um, but it’s the same process of unlearning what you thought was correct and learning new processes, because so it’s a you know, the foundation is faulty. You know you can’t build a house on sand. You gotta build a house on concrete. Now the house may stand on sand until something happens. So you may think it’s OK house, because it’s standing for a lot. We just had this long discussion, probably two weeks ago. Uh, this about yeah, he’s like, You can build the house on sand and it may be a great house and it may even stand. So you have the facade and you think that it is a beautiful house and it’s doing great because it’s still standing. You’re like I built it. It’s still standing, you know. It’s been years. Nothing’s happen. And then all you need is one little shake. One little earthquake in your house crumbles or

00:18:44 April Grant
of falls into the pit, and that’s it. And all that work you built, all that pretty stuff you put on top of the foundation is now gone. And it’s just because you didn’t have a strong foundation for it. You just had whatever you learn, because we all come from parents who gave us good. It was bad things. And we have. We’ve internalized it and we never a lot of times we don’t even process what we were given incorrect programming. Onda. We have to address it, unlearn it and replace it with good stuff.

00:19:21 Cachet Prescott
Absolutely. That is the perfect analogy. And tell your husband I’m stealing that I’m

00:19:25 April Grant

00:19:28 April Grant
listen in the conversation he used, like four times. So I’m sure he was very proud of this analogy. So I’m sure he’ll be all right. He couldn’t be

00:19:37 Cachet Prescott
more perfect, though, because, like you said, you know it will stand on the faulty foundation. But just because the standing doesn’t mean that it’s, ah, structurally sound. Exactly. And like you said, just that little thing something that little gust of wind that comes along and just knocks it completely. Office Foundation, um, eso. And that’s exactly why I felt this conversation on unlearning was so important because I, too, have that faulty foundation. And it’s not. It’s not to say that some of the things I learned didn’t serve me at a different route stage of my life because it might have served me then. It just doesn’t serve me now and who I want to be today, who I wanna be in the future. Um, and you know, So that’s the Those are the things I want people to kind of really take a look at and assess myself included on and you know, and I think there’s so much to unlearn, no matter what age you are I’m gonna be interviewing 13 year old girl about aren’t learning and limitations in her life. Um, there’s so much to learn from people in their situations and their journeys. And that was the motivation behind this podcast. And like I said, selfishly speaking, this is the podcast that I wanted to hear. Eso I created the platform. And so I’m really excited about having those conversations.

00:20:59 April Grant
Well, I mean, ultimately, that’s I mean, I think my journey for a podcasting is the same. I actually did have a start, probably about four years ago. It lasted maybe eight episodes and then dropped off. And I had the same thing, lots of notes, lots of ideas. And it wasn’t until I hit upon this one

00:21:20 April Grant
because and really, it was a confirmation of talking to other women because I felt so

00:21:26 April Grant
I guess I would say I felt alone. Um, I had my awakening moment last year,

00:21:32 April Grant
and it caused a lot of turmoil in the house. Me and my husband, you know, had a lot of issues because I’m trying to be a new person, and he’s completely okay with the person I waas. So he’s like, Why do you need to change. And

00:21:47 April Grant
we and I started talking to other women because I’m, like, this feels so weird. Like, how do you just wake up one day or even over a slow period of time and just want to be someone that you haven’t been? And I started talking to women, and they’re like, Yeah, I have that, too. And this is what I did with it. This is what I did with it. And I love the idea that

00:22:08 April Grant
people and women are making changes because I just feel like we focus so much on the youth. And we need to focus more on the rest of our lives because, you know, it’s very easy for us to be alive for another 40 years.

00:22:21 April Grant

00:22:22 April Grant
so in your mind set and development training, can you give us some of things that you feel that

00:22:29 April Grant
are often

00:22:31 April Grant
some of the things that people need to unlearn?

00:22:33 April Grant
Oh, boy, thinks maybe two or three, you don’t have to give me a long list. I’m sure there’s a lot, but if you could just give me, like, two or three eso people listening can kind of start getting in their head of what?

00:22:49 April Grant

00:22:50 April Grant
they may want to consider unlearning. So one thing

00:22:54 Cachet Prescott
that comes to the top of mine is the whole idea of this compare and despair or the comparison trap. Because we have so much access to people’s lives on social media and we see what people have going on at all points in times in your life, whether it’s riel or fake, you know, we don’t know. We see the highlight reels. Oftentimes, um, we find our I find that a lot of people are

00:23:19 Cachet Prescott
I need to unlearn that comparison, um, stuff, because it’s so easy to get caught up in what someone else is doing or what we perceive to be someone else’s situation or what? How they’re succeeding, you know, even with us, is podcasters, you know, in our podcasting groups, you know, oftentimes people are

00:23:39 April Grant
like, Yes, I got you know, 10,000 down, little blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I don’t

00:23:44 Cachet Prescott
know what it took to get to that point, right? Always see is 10,000 downloads and you you might look at your podcast. You may have ah, 100 downloads, and you’re like, you know what was me and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And

00:23:59 Cachet Prescott
it’s so easy to start to beat up on yourself from, ah, lack of information. You don’t know the whole story of what it took to get to those 10,000 downloads. You don’t know how how much time time it took. You don’t know their processes. You don’t know what resources they had available to them. You just don’t know.

00:24:18 April Grant
Yeah, I mean, I’ll do a side note on that. I have a very good friend who started a podcast me three weeks before I did, and she hit the 1000 download Mark and I was like, I’m so happy for you. But I’m so jealous and she’s like, Don’t be because that’s you know, she’s a very positive person. She’s like, Don’t be And I

00:24:37 April Grant
I was also still saying it out of love. But, you know, she has a very strong following on Instagram and her email list. She emails out every week. Um, I’m just starting the email people. I have the list and this is their, um and you know, I’m starting a brand new. She did most of it on her person, not her personal, but her previous Instagram feed. So she’s promoting it more. Which had, you know, 15. I think she has 15 to 20,000 followers and, you know, and I’ve got, like, 200 followers eso you know it really? And when it comes to comparison, it’s like, yeah, over what time? What? Where she’s starting from. And I know in my heart that I’m not I’m not that kind of jealous. I’m not like, Oh, my gosh, she got it And I didn’t It was just like, Oh, I’ll be there and I know I’ll be there. I mean, my numbers, air climbing. And I’m perfectly happy with where they are. Um,

00:25:35 April Grant
and the last episode I think that the most amount of listen so, you know, we’re still we’re building and I could see that people are going back and listening to other things. Um,

00:25:45 April Grant
but it’s really understanding all of that. All of that

00:25:49 April Grant
part was part of the reason. And I did do the research because of that, because I need toe settle my spirit because even though I already knew mentally what she had, that she had more of that I needed to, like, really just like look at it was like Okay, April,

00:26:05 April Grant
Here you go. She’s got 15,000 Instagram followers. She posted it on this page. She’s gonna have more hits on that page than you would on your 200 person page. Um, and you know, things like that just really walking myself back from

00:26:19 April Grant
being jealous, being envious. I don’t really want to be envious. I love my girlfriend and I’m happy for, and I want to get there, too. But

00:26:28 April Grant
it’s just my process just is different. Exactly. And and it’s

00:26:32 Cachet Prescott
all about perspective, Andi, I don’t think a lot of us make space for that perspective myself included, because, you know, even though I could talk about it,

00:26:40 April Grant
you know, you still feel that twinge, right? Exactly. That’s what I felt. I felt a twinge, and I have to talk myself off that ledge.

00:26:49 Cachet Prescott
But it also lends to another area of learning that I see a lot of is that imposter syndrome because, um, you know, you see these people doing so well, you see them thrive and you see them having these Percy successes on Do you? Like you said she she has the 15 to 20,000 followers and, you know, on yours you have the 200 at this point in time and myself included. You know, I before this haven’t really made ah lot of use of social media. So my followings, my numbers are not that high. A few 100 on Instagram and, um maybe like 1300 followers on Facebook. So it’s not like people are clamoring to my page for, you know, with bated breath to get information When I’m post thing, you know, there’s a few you like so and it’s just kind of like Okay, that’s disheartening at times because it’s just like, you know, if you post something like

00:27:48 Cachet Prescott
about the podcast And so if you post something that you know you think is important and you get these five legs, it’s just like Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this. Maybe I’m not cut out for this. Maybe I’m not is qualified to do this As I think. As I thought, I waas and you start having all these conversations in your head and I tell people it’s always about the stories in your head. Um that will really either make or break you because they will either push you forward or hold you back Well, even. But you’re in control of what that looks like,

00:28:26 April Grant
definitely, and being having been actually on social media for a few years now, Um,

00:28:32 April Grant
it’s a very different thing to try to put yourself out there and realizing. And you also have to start to realize that when you’re putting that information out there, your friends and family may not be your actual audience. The people that get the most from your product or service or your speaking so you can’t put it on them to say, because that’s been a huge, you know, Facebook group discussion of how come I get no lights for, you know, my business stuff. But for my personal stuff, I get a ton of likes. It’s like, but it’s just your friends and family like that that debate them. Yeah, that you didn’t cultivate them as potential customers. They’re just people, you know, and they just may not be interested. Some people here on learning and they may be

00:29:24 April Grant
may have the idea that

00:29:27 April Grant
I don’t need to unlearn anything, So everything I got is great, so I don’t need to unlearn anything, so I’m not paying attention to that. That doesn’t mean they don’t need it. Doesn’t mean they couldn’t learn from it. But in their head, that’s not for them. That doesn’t apply to me, and it doesn’t apply to me. It doesn’t apply, so but you can’t take a fence thio that. But it’s so hard because we are a society of likes and heart symbols and, um, shares and comments and tracking the analytics, and you know the effectiveness of it all. And you really want to make sure that you’re being effective and then you get stuck because you’re like, Maybe I don’t deserve it because nobody is doing it instead of changing your mindset and saying Maybe I need to start talking to new people or different people.

00:30:17 Cachet Prescott
Exactly. And that’s why I went ahead and created the

00:30:22 Cachet Prescott
all things I learned the community, the Facebook group, because just like you said, my friends and family may or may not be my ideal audience. There may be some people that really, um,

00:30:33 Cachet Prescott
here this idea and love it in my friends and family, and there may be some may be some people in the audience that it just kind of like, Okay, anyway, and that’s OK. I want whoever it is to be engaged in the conversations. I want whoever is to really be excited about the conversation like I am. And so, um, but again, it’s just continuous conversations with self when it comes to these things. And you mentioned the third thing I was gonna So a Sfar, as I’m learning, is that external validation. Those likes those thumbs ups, those everything that we get from social media or we get from other people. You know,

00:31:19 Cachet Prescott
it could be the reliance on the external validation that will make or break you and or we’ll keep you again. From it will keep you stag stagnant or move you to action. You have to decide which way, Ugo, um with this podcast when I went into, I really was very clear about the fact that yes, of course, downloads numbers of downloads, helps and gives me guidance and direction and subscribers all those things because

00:31:49 Cachet Prescott
that’s part of the process of podcasting. But I want to be very clear about the fact that I want to be led by God in my process and what it is that I’m doing I don’t want to be beholden to the numbers. I wanna be led by what I feel he is telling me to do. Um, and how he wants me to move with this. This this podcast quaint blank for good or for bad with the numbers. I’m not I don’t wanna be driven by the numbers or driven crazy by the numbers.

00:32:20 April Grant

00:32:21 April Grant
Yeah. I mean, it could get difficult, because sometimes you’re like, this is a really good post, and no one likes it like it really tour. I really got personal with it. I really, you know, trying to talk to you guys. And you guys don’t even like my stuff. Anyway, Uh,

00:32:37 Cachet Prescott
the issue is half way. Don’t know what’s going on. People may not have

00:32:41 April Grant
seen it. Yes. Yeah, that’s most of the time. People didn’t see it because that’s the way algorithm change and exactly stuff. But it’s hard. It is still hard. It still feels a certain way. And it’s interesting that you said external validation stagnate you because I was in another conversation with someone else. And she’s like she was referring to an article that said, Don’t tell people your dreams and your goals because it will extinguish them. And I was like, Wow, that’s that’s pretty harsh. I was like, I’ve got a good group of girlfriends now that won’t allow me won’t let that happen, you know, they check in on it. How is it going? Are you doing it? Are you working on it? And not in a not in a bad way, just in a You know, you said this is what you’re gonna do and there’s a couple of projects that I really need to work on. And they’re like, How is that going? I’m like,

00:33:38 April Grant
I’m just busy like between the podcast and the kids being home. I just don’t have the time, energy or mental space. Thio focus because there’s a couple of books I’m trying to write, so I just I don’t have the mental space to be able to cut that out because that takes a whole different mindset.

00:33:56 April Grant
And so they’re like, OK, OK, I’ll be coming back to you for that. And I said, But I do understand what they’re saying. There was two points that he was making one.

00:34:06 April Grant
The article is making, um, external validation. Some people just are seeking that external validation. And once they get it, they stopped mhm. And I realized I actually do that with diet and exercise, and I never even put those two together. When people start telling me I look good and I lose weight, I’m losing weight. I stopped doing anything, and it’s the weirdest thing because I got a lot of ways I got a long way to go, but I’m just like, oh, you saying thank you and then I just stopped and it’s insane because I’m like, I’ve got really go. But as soon as someone tells me that and I never even thought about it till I read this article. But it’s just one tells me that I’m just I just stopped and I just I’m like, Okay, good. Look, I’m you know, my closer fit a little better and other people notice, so we’re going to stop right here. Um,

00:34:59 April Grant
on Then the other part was, of course, what we think of when you think of external validation is people get judgy and jealous and, you know, they actually crush your they actually try to crush your dreams and crap. Rush what you’re trying to dio on dso what I was telling her. I was like, It’s really just key for you to find that sir goal of people who are going to encourage you and let you slip on your own goals and desires. And they could be a very friendly person. Like I have one person that I just check in with every week,

00:35:32 April Grant
and we’re like, What’s the status? What are you working on? What’s the status? And that’s it, exactly. No judgment of what actually happened. It’s not a like, Oh, you didn’t do it. It’s just it keeps everything top of mine so your projects don’t slip through the cracks.

00:35:49 Cachet Prescott
Exactly. And, yeah, and and And that xyz awesome that you have that Because, like you said, there are some. There are people out there that are rooting for you, and there are some people that are not on. Do you really have to be clear about what that looks like in your life? And

00:36:07 Cachet Prescott
when it comes to

00:36:09 Cachet Prescott
how you get things done, how you meet expectations? This is not This is not something I’ve done but Gretchen Rubin. Yeah, she has this, uh, framework called the Four Tendencies. Um It’s a quick quiz, maybe five or 10 minutes if you wanna look up. That shows you how you meet expectations that I think it’s so helpful to this conversation about unlearning and have its formation. Um, and there’s four different kinds of people. So there are questioners like myself who will readily lutely meet inter expectations. So I’ll really need my own expectations. But when it comes to other people’s expectations by nature, I’m questioning it. It has to make sense to me before I do it. Um, there are people that are oblige er’s who will readily meet outside expectations so everybody else’s expectations, but won’t readily meet their own expectations and so on. And they are typically tend to be, yes, people or people pleasers. But they get to a point where they’re so frustrated that they reached this point called oblige a rebellion and then explode

00:37:17 April Grant
that time. Seriously, that’s so I’m like I’m tired. It’s just being the person who’s always accommodating and always letting things go and always smiling and always on. And I’m like, Yeah, I admit that Z.

00:37:36 Cachet Prescott
And then there are rebels who do not meet anybody, readily meet anyone’s expectations not their own and not outside expectations. You have to kind of be very strategic about how you approach a rebel to get them to do something. And then there’s oblige er’s so they will readily meet their own expectations. And outer expectations, You said obliges twice.

00:37:59 Cachet Prescott
Well, I’m sorry. Not obliged. Upholders. Sorry. Holders are the ones that will readily meet their own expectations and, um, outer expectations. And so knowing that about myself is very helpful. But I think it’s also helpful for people to know that about themselves as well. So if you’re in oblige, er, like you said, you have kind of this set of accountability with your friends or with you on that one person that checks in weekly. So advisors typically need in accountability partner. Right.

00:38:30 Cachet Prescott
Um, but that may not work for somebody that considers themselves to be a rebel, Right? Um, they won’t care if you are trying to keep them accountable or not. But just again, just the self knowledge is just very helpful in helping you crack the plan that works best for you and whatever it is that you’re trying to dio so

00:38:47 April Grant
Okay, Well, no, I I’ve heard of it. I I think I might have taken that quiz maybe a decade ago. Um, or a while ago. I don’t know if it’s that long, but a while ago, but yeah, I just

00:39:01 April Grant
That has been me. I say yes. Um, I don’t really

00:39:06 April Grant
I didn’t. Typically, as we were discussed at the beginning, I didn’t like confrontation. I don’t like the drama of confrontation. It wasn’t that I’m afraid to confront people. I’m not. It was just a drama associated with. And then people are angry, and then you’re gotta be You gotta be defensive. And then you got to tell them why. And then they don’t understand. And if this becomes a cycle and I would just watch and basically it really boils down to not being taught how to effectively communicate ultimately both parties. So,

00:39:38 April Grant
um, I would just get frustrated because I’m like, I’ll just let it go. And then you as you also said, I started seeing that I had taught all these people how to treat me on how to treat me waas any old kind of way. Uh, they can say whatever they want.

00:39:55 April Grant
And then if I ever said anything back. It was How dare you

00:39:59 April Grant
e? I was just like What do you mean? How dare I? I, like, never say anything. And then one time I bring something up. How dare I? So you know, And that’s exactly it. And that was the case

00:40:10 Cachet Prescott
for me. So if I didn’t say anything, just like she she stank. She stand office. She’s blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I’m like, I’m just trying toe keep the peace again. I’m not. I wasn’t afraid of confrontation. I just didn’t like it. And I hate drama. I just hate drama.

00:40:28 April Grant
I hate it and don’t like, you

00:40:30 Cachet Prescott
know, if and sometimes people there are people that are grudge holders, so they’ll hold on to it beyond that conversation. And it’s just like I just got to upon Russell. I just rather not have the conversation you’re not

00:40:42 April Grant
exactly. That’s exactly how it was. And but that worked. That happened for me in in work to not just impersonal eso that’s where the advisors come from, is so I just basically launched a consultancy business and thank you. Um, but before I was always willing to work for someone else and then I realized how much

00:41:06 April Grant
how one ineffective I waas not as helping them, but because

00:41:12 April Grant
because it was like a financial tied to our relationship in the way I was helping them.

00:41:18 April Grant
I didn’t truly feel valued. And so then therefore, I didn’t really give my all I gave some and quite a bit and probably more than I would have, but still not my all, which means I wasn’t as effective as I could be. And

00:41:36 April Grant

00:41:38 April Grant
when it came to it, I was just like Then why am I doing this? Why am I putting myself in a situation where I’m not giving my all? I don’t feel good about it. It’s not something I feel good about. And I know I’m not giving my all because I’m not getting paid to give my all. I’m only getting paid a portion of what I should be getting paid,

00:41:58 April Grant
but I just don’t feel good about it in the long run. So

00:42:03 April Grant
it just it co vid for me has been beneficial. I’ve actually picked up clients during Cove it because I stopped of my day job and I’m well, the job closed because Corbett, um and I needed to still make money. It wasn’t an option to just say, Oh, I’ll just wait till it reopens. I need to still, you know, bringing income and make money. So

00:42:29 April Grant
it’s been harder because as I as you said, I’m gonna oblige er and so it’s It’s OK if they give me task, but I don’t seek out tasks which I need to do more of. I’m just kind of let them lead instead of jumping on them and saying This is what you need and I let me do this for you So that’s what I’m working on right now in my process of like you need X

00:42:55 April Grant
because I just I don’t know it Z that it’s kind of that external validation part of them telling me and giving me the assignment and therefore I can meet the assignment. If I give myself the assignment, then I gotta live up to my assignment that I gave myself because I promised him that I could do it. So then I have to do it and it’s weird because I could do it. That’s not the problem, is that, But like

00:43:21 Cachet Prescott
you said, it’s someone else telling you you’re willing that expectation rather than you’re telling yourself and you’re not willing to meet your own expectations,

00:43:29 April Grant
even though, yeah, even. Yeah, exactly. That’s exactly the thing. And it’s just I’m fighting it right now, and I’m fighting going through it. And it’s just very interesting to put it into words like that. Make it so clear because, you know, sometimes you just struggle and you wonder, like, Is there something wrong? And it’s not a right or wrong it how you operate and how Thio

00:43:57 April Grant
How to unlearn how you previously navigated the situation and learning new things on how to, um, navigate, you know, getting really what you want. And, you know, ultimately what I want is for this consultancy businesses, uh, grow and people don’t know what I do If I don’t tell them so, e, tell them these are the things that I could do, and these are the things that I will work for me. Uh, that’s exactly

00:44:28 Cachet Prescott
why that’s exactly why I went into a business mindset coaching specifically because I used to be a director of a small business development center, and I used to be a director of business development for a chamber and it didn’t matter what I would tell the the individuals that I was working with, you know, we did business coaching. We tell them all the stuff, But somehow stuff still was not getting done. And so I really was interested in the why behind that, you know, we talked about this is this is where you are. This is where you wanna be. Why are we not closing that gap? It’s like we gave you the plan. We talked about it, We consulted. This is what you need to do. And then they would come back in and things still wouldn’t be done. And it was just a lot of the stuff up here inside, in their in their heads, the mental stuff. And so I love focused on the mental process behind entrepreneurship, the mental process behind leadership, the mental process behind people, whatever people want to do, because that will again either make or break whether or not this thing actually does happen. Um and so I’m just like you with That’s how it was with the podcast. It was just like

00:45:38 Cachet Prescott
I would rather really need anybody else’s expectations. So I will go on and chit chat with people on their podcast and talk about this stuff. But when it came to my own e was like, the way my life, I made all

00:45:52 April Grant
sorts of excuses. Like I can’t record because the kids were too loud, which they are, Um, and

00:45:59 April Grant
but one of the things when I went to the podcast conference back in before all this shut down. I think it was February beginning of February. Um, it was very last minute. I found out about it on, like, Tuesday. And I went on Thursday. Yeah, my girlfriend. She’s like, Yeah, they’re giving away free tickets. Do you want a ticket? I was like, Of course. So, um and it was local. Thankfully, it was locally, it was Orlando. So I’m in West Palm and Georgia. Okay, We go up there all the time. I got family up there, too. Um, yeah, my sister and cousin living in Georgia. So we’re up there normally at least once a year. I was actually there for two weeks last year.

00:46:40 April Grant
Yeah, so in October, I got a whole two week vacation by myself. It was not a it it is. And it wasn’t planned. So what happened was there was two conferences. There’s a conference and I’m very heavily involved in called Shift Gone

00:46:56 April Grant
and shift. Khan is a health and wellness conference. And so I’m the volunteer coordinator. So I had to be there for, like, five days for that, you know, the conference days plus set up and break down. Um, so that was I was there for five days for that. And then I’m a member of N. C v W National Coalition of 100 black Women. And they had their conference the very next week

00:47:22 April Grant
in Atlanta. So it didn’t make any sense to come home

00:47:27 April Grant
for two days and then go right back up. So and then I ended up staying with my I didn’t have to pay for housing thief. First week, the my job, the coordinating position paid for my hotel. And then the second week, I stay with my cousin and my sister, so

00:47:46 April Grant
it was great. It was a great little vacation. I need to do it more often. Two weeks is a long time, but I do need todo more often. Um, so on that side note, Yeah. Okay, so now I lost my train of thought What we say before, before I went on my my little thing about enjoying myself, we were talking about George. Oh, podcast podcast. So I went up there and

00:48:10 April Grant
because it was a podcast festival, like I just had to, you know, pitch,

00:48:15 April Grant
pitch. My my podcast idea it wasn’t It was starting to get formulated, and I was pretty sure it’s going to do it. And then I mean, I probably talkto 100 people, and I told 100 people I was gonna start this podcast. E was just like, man e. Guess I got to start this podcast. Um, but I mean, I was excited about it. One of the things I really appreciate it is my I was honing in on the pitch itself what the podcast would be about. As I talked to more people, I was getting more clarity in my head and how I explained it to people there. You know, I really just want

00:48:57 April Grant
women to know that their lives aren’t over because there they’re older and they could start a new chapter at any time. Really, that’s really just the basis of and, um so I actually gave this podcast to myself as a birthday present. So I turned 41 on April 21st, and I launched my first podcast on April 21st and a website.

00:49:20 April Grant
So I made the decision. Yeah, because I was looking around and it was co vid. We’re just here, and I’m like, What am I really waiting for? Because

00:49:30 April Grant
I don’t know if we’re gonna Yeah, I’m not gonna get any more downtime than this. I’m not going to get any more. The kids have things to do in the other room while I can work where they’re not gonna be bothering me than this period of time. So yeah, it was just definitely. But it really came Thio ahead of saying I need to do this for me and not seeing that external validation because even I don’t know how many people actually listen, Um, I don’t It has nothing to do with him. It was just me

00:50:06 April Grant
and having toe actually finish and do it. I said I wanted Thio. I’m and I did it. That was pretty much it so. But it’s learning to turn that knob from external to internal validation or in love and you can and confidence

00:50:24 April Grant
and understanding. You know, I do have the knowledge base. I do know what I’m doing. Like I knew all about how to record one. Like I said, I started one for you. Exactly. You have you have the

00:50:36 Cachet Prescott
knowledge, you have the know how. It’s just okay. What was holding you? I so resonate with that whole point of just having to do it for yourself. Because that’s what I had to do with this. It was just like I talked about it so much. And what So I I’m a huge fan of strength finder on that assessment and one of the areas of my areas of weakness are that I’m not an activator. I’m not a natural born execute er or implementer. I’m an ideas person. But I have the ideas and then might start we’re gonna and then may or may not finish it. Uh huh.

00:51:14 Cachet Prescott
This was one of the things that I just like. Okay, I have to unlearn in completion.

00:51:20 Cachet Prescott
Eso This isn’t part of that process for me because I can’t just keep talking about about things and not doing them and not all ideas they’re supposed to kind of fruition. So I I get that. But I don’t wanna be the person that just talks about ideas and never does anything. And so this podcast for me is part of that process of unlearning the lack of execution that I have splayed in a lot of different areas.

00:51:44 April Grant
So and that’s and that’s definitely ah, hard one to break because I think I guess we’re just a very similar, um, in those in that respect because, um, I someone I forgot who it was. But they said something about,

00:52:02 April Grant
you know, once you stop fulfilling your own promises to yourself,

00:52:09 April Grant
which is basically, you know, you have an idea, you say you’re going to do it. You don’t do it. The more you do that, the less you even try to do it. So true, because you’ve you’ve you’ve let yourself to go down, over and over again. So what is a new idea and a new promise in a new idea? Follow through. So you end up just continually let letting yourself down until you make the determination. I am making this promise to myself, and I’m going to fulfill it

00:52:41 Cachet Prescott
absolutely. And part of it for me was that I had to record 10 episodes. Okay, First, before you’ve been launched before I launched. Uh, awesome. Let’s just have the one season upfront for me that was actually executing. So

00:53:02 April Grant
that’s but I mean, sometimes that’s happened for me. I think I was one of the podcasting groups. I just put it out there and I said here, Who wants to sign up? And I got a bunch of people signing up. I said, Okay, I guess. Let’s go. All right. Okay. And then I don’t have an excuse. That’s what I love the idea about the calendar ring and scheduling because now I don’t have an excuse. Like I don’t have Thio.

00:53:29 April Grant
I got you said, put an appointment on my calendar. I’m showing up to talk Thio. Now I have to do the extra steps of actually putting it together and putting it up. But I can’t say I don’t have the material.

00:53:43 April Grant
I don’t have the content, I have the content. So but yeah, so fulfilling. Learning to

00:53:51 April Grant

00:53:53 April Grant
un fulfilling promises and replacing them with

00:53:57 April Grant
fulfilling promises even to yourself, is how is one of the ways to start moving forward and walking a new path. And so that was a very interesting conversation because, uh oh, I know Tavana was Tavana. Um,

00:54:13 April Grant
but that was, like one of the big things. Because, you know, you just you don’t even realize that you no longer even try to fulfill your own promises. You don’t even realize it. Yeah, And I’m like, I’m looking at my board of stuff, and I’m like, Oh, my God. How many of these things I didn’t do? I didn’t even try like they’re sitting in front of me. I’m looking at it. I got this Is my board right here in my white board off things to do. I mean, now, from now it’s changed, but, um, when I wrote it, I wrote it back in November,

00:54:44 April Grant
and I haven’t I need to update it. But, you know, in November, December, half these things just fell off. No reason, no reason at all. Um, and now it’s like, Okay. No, I need to stop doing that. I need to really make a promise to myself. I need to do it. So podcast episode every week,

00:55:06 April Grant
you know, put everything together. Now I’m Mawr and then parted but part of what I realized I need to dio is start delegating more and asking for help. More eso because with every new project means more work. But I’m still the same one person. So for my website, um actually ah, girlfriend and I were talking about

00:55:32 April Grant
growth and development and the other side of the concept, and she’s a writer and editor and a teacher. So I asked her outright, I was like, Can you manage the writing aspect of this? Also, I cannot think about, you know, bugging the writers, making sure they’re doing it reading, reviewing their stuff. Can you just do that? You know, and I’ll do the graphics and all that stuff. I’ll still work on the marketing side, but if that’s one little thing can come off my plate, that will come so much that one little thing. It’s huge. It’s huge. It’s huge because I have, um, about 15 women who want to write. But you know how collaborative websites that don’t pay work getting actually right is a whole different thing.

00:56:25 April Grant
Um, and it’s no judgment on them because I understand I’ve been on the other side of it. Um, it’s just human eso You know, it requires reminders and, you know, kind of sometimes, especially in the beginning, pulling teeth like, Hey, we just have these expectations of you, um, as a contributing writer,

00:56:44 April Grant
you know? Please, you know, submit something and I try to keep it easy once a month is fine. I don’t need a lot of content up there. I have that for You know, podcast episodes go up a month. I write one a month. She writes one a month. So we we have stuff always updated. But, um, I would like to hear more voices. I don’t want it just to be my mind, her voice. I want other people to tell their stories. So

00:57:11 April Grant
anyway, but just asking for help in saying list and I can’t do all of this. Um actually, I’m very tempted. Thio have my son start producing my podcast, and I might He’s still in school. This is his last week. But I think maybe next week I’m just gonna teach him how to do it. So I don’t have to do that part. Either I’m

00:57:31 Cachet Prescott
convinced my husband or my daughter to do it, and that has not worked out. Yes.

00:57:36 April Grant
No, I don’t. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. I’m just gonna gonna try next week. Committing family members to help sometimes does not work a lot of time. They both keep saying

00:57:49 Cachet Prescott
that they want to learn. It just has not happened yet. Kind of like with the articles. They

00:57:54 April Grant
have the desire. They have the desire. Yeah, it just Yeah. So But actually, part of the thing is, um, he’s going toe. Probably do this internship, and he may need to know this stuff anyway, so it’s kind of like practice. I’m gonna I’m gonna lead it like if you do this and you could make some money, which, actually he can He can make some money doing it on. And

00:58:15 Cachet Prescott
that’s why I’m trying to sell them on like, you do well with this.

00:58:19 April Grant
You can. Oh, I just talked to somebody who produces podcast and they were talking about It’s like their lowest package is $500 a month, so I don’t know what that comes with it yet, but I’m like, that’s the money. That’s the money. It iss it iss. But granted, I don’t really want to do any of it so

00:58:39 Cachet Prescott
Absolutely not. And they and they’re like, OK, well, you will pay for this Exactly. Don’t worry about it. Which I completely understand.

00:58:47 April Grant
Definitely. Um,

00:58:50 April Grant
but, yeah, it’s just, uh,

00:58:53 April Grant

00:58:55 April Grant
getting here and now doing it now. It’s easy,

00:58:58 April Grant
because once I got to regularly recording an episode and putting it all together, I said, I’m like doing it. But it’s easy. It’s not overwhelming. It’s not like, Oh my gosh, what am I doing? It’s just I got to do it. I just gotta sit down and do it now on and it makes it much easier now. Can you give us

00:59:19 April Grant
maybe two or three tips?

00:59:22 April Grant
So we have three things we talked about. Three things people should unlearn Can do. You have anything in your head to that? People should learn.

00:59:33 April Grant
So once you have

00:59:34 Cachet Prescott
figured out kind of that stuff that you have,

00:59:37 Cachet Prescott
you need to learn whatever that looks like for you. One thing you’re gonna have toe really kind of focus on is to replace the habits that lend it to those former habits. So learning new habits, um, learning new ways of doing the thing that you’re trying to do or be the person that you’re trying to be. So if it’s communication, let’s let’s just because we did talk about communication, Um,

01:00:05 Cachet Prescott
you have figured out or acknowledge the things that air potentially toxic commune communication or passive communication or communication that doesn’t serve you You’ve talked about. You’ve hopefully learned the habits that you have that contribute to it. So could it could be the, um,

01:00:21 Cachet Prescott
staying quiet. The not participate are not confronting people, not having conversations that matter. Whatever the case is just being quiet. Now you have to figure out. Okay, now what habit do I put in place of that? How do I replace that? What is my new keystone habit? What’s new, triggering habit that is going to help me to better move before it in the way I would like Thio communicate, so that could be a simple as if someone let’s go with the people pleasing aspect because that’s kind of part of the communication. If someone asked you to do something instead of saying that immediate, yes, even if you’ve given because you haven’t usually haven’t given your self any time to think about it, but you’re so used to saying Yes. One habit could just be to pause, give it some space before you even answer the question. Yeah,

01:01:13 Cachet Prescott
you can decide to answer the question or just ask. You know, let me take a moment to think about that. Just get so you don’t have to answer it in that moment. You can give yourself the space to actually think about the thing and decide whether or not you do want to do this

01:01:30 Cachet Prescott
or you do not want to do this. Oh, you can get

01:01:34 April Grant
your speaking my language again. I just had this opportunity. So last year, my job, My husband had a job opportunity which may have required us to move. Um, and so

01:01:47 April Grant
if he got it, everything was going to change overnight. And he was basically down to the last two people,

01:01:53 April Grant
um, for this position. And so I stopped everything I was doing. All the nonprofit work I do. Did a bunch of nonprofit work for different stations,

01:02:02 April Grant
and I’ve actually been enjoying not going back. Um, enjoying just, you know, taking care of me, taking care of the family, taking care of my projects, my goals.

01:02:13 April Grant
And then someone just approached me last week,

01:02:17 April Grant
and that’s exactly what I did. Instead of saying yes, which is normally what I did, I was like, It sounds really good. Um, it sounds like a fabulous opportunity. I said, Let me get back to you. Send me the details. Let me think about it. And I normally don’t do that. No, Normally, just say yes, Sounds good And I said, I can’t I can’t jump back into that pattern. I can’t I gotta break that habit.

01:02:40 Cachet Prescott
It’s so easy. It’s so easy. E used to do it all the time and then I’m mad because I’m overwhelmed.

01:02:46 April Grant
Exactly. Exactly. I’m like, I’m no e. I was like, Yes, it’s a good opportunity it’s there. But this is just not the season for it Right now The season is just I’m growing a business and I’m growing this.

01:03:00 April Grant
Whatever. This is gonna be the other side of 40 and I just I need not Thio divide my time right now until I get these things up and going. And so I was like, No, I appreciate you asking me and I really appreciate you thinking about

01:03:14 Cachet Prescott
me, but

01:03:15 Cachet Prescott
no, absolutely. And it’s just again giving yourself the space to actually think about it before you jump in to it. It’s key. And one thing that is even more so important before just kind of that habits Part of it is learning. What you do want on learning is eyes really talking, talking about, you know, the things that you know you don’t want any more and the things that no longer serve you but really being clear about Okay, moving forward. This is what I do want. This is what I want things that look like in my life that it’s so key. Because again, if you’re just adding information just for the sake of that information, it’s not beneficial to you if you don’t really know the path you want to

01:03:56 April Grant
take. Yeah.

01:03:59 April Grant
Okay, So you got another tip that was a good

01:04:01 Cachet Prescott
one on bond again. Ah, lot of the times, it’s really gonna be contingent upon what it is that you want to dio. So,

01:04:13 Cachet Prescott
like for us, way talked about the fact that implementation

01:04:20 Cachet Prescott
has been a struggle to some degree. Yes. So if you if that’s something you struggle with, um actually learning what? Your

01:04:31 Cachet Prescott
what? Your areas of improvement are or what your weaknesses are. I say that in quotes, um, and finding a way to, uh,

01:04:42 Cachet Prescott
work around those because sometimes it might be You go out there and learn more skills, but you may not have the time to do that. So, like you talked about earlier we talked about if you can outsource that,

01:04:53 Cachet Prescott
creating strategic partnerships, finding somebody else, that I could do it like the person that your friend, that is the teacher and the writer and everything managing that part of

01:05:03 Cachet Prescott
what you got going on. Um, But if it is a place in space where you do need you want to learn, um, sharpen your skills in that area, you know, figuring out what that looks like. You know, there’s a ton of free resource is online to take advantage of, Um, so you could do that Or also just kind of again sitting down with somebody and just talking about putting a plan in place s so if you’re the person that is not a natural implementer or execute, er, you know, really talking about that plan,

01:05:36 Cachet Prescott
but not just talking about it, not just put it on paper. What execution really does look like and what your accountability is in the process to help you execute.

01:05:47 Cachet Prescott
You may be somebody that’s in a natural born activator or implementer, so that’s not the issue. But you need the help with the stuff leading up to it. The vision, the plan, whatever, so connecting with somebody that can help you with that part of it. So being very clear about what your strengths are,

01:06:03 Cachet Prescott
but finding ways to just kind of help out with those areas where you may not be a strong to make sure that you’re able to get done what you need to get done.

01:06:12 April Grant
I like that working around your, um, areas of improvement, as opposed to

01:06:19 April Grant
considering it just a flaw. And, you know, basically, I think what most people end up doing is just beating themselves up, that they can’t do it all, that they aren’t the activator and the implementer and the ideas person and the visionary, and they just beat themselves up. And they’re like, I don’t understand why this isn’t succeeding when it’s maybe not their place to do all those things

01:06:43 April Grant
and and that’s

01:06:44 Cachet Prescott
it. I think we put a lot more pressure on ourselves than we need to unnecessarily One person doesn’t have all the skills. Um, and that’s the whole point of having these conversations and connecting and Facebook groups like yours to connect with people that may have those strengths that we may not naturally have and collaborating and getting the work done in a very productive, successful way.

01:07:07 April Grant
Yeah. Awesome.

01:07:09 April Grant
All right, Well, um, do you have any other? Oh, I didn’t want to ask you, so I took notes. Um, you said one book you read was the bait of Satan. Yes. Um, there’s a test called the Four Tendencies. Eso Gretchen

01:07:23 Cachet Prescott
Rubin. Uh, she has a podcast called Happier With Gretchen Rubin. But if you go to her website Gretchen Rubin dot com, the four tendencies quizzes on there. I think it’s maybe five is about 10 questions. So it’s not a long quiz whatsoever, but it helps you to figure out where you fall in meeting expectations.

01:07:42 April Grant
Okay. And, um, the Strength finder is that a quiz online that you found or

01:07:48 Cachet Prescott
strengths? Finder is really about again. You’re finding your strengths, and it’s a paid assessment. So it’s a scale of 1 to 34 strengths. And if you want to know just your top five, I believe it’s $20. Um, and this through gallop. Um,

01:08:07 Cachet Prescott
And if you want to know all 34 of your strength, I believe it’s $50. At least at this point, Um, I think you’ll be fine to just know your top five. But knowing that information has been so helpful to me in crafting what I do in my business when I was writing my resumes just really figuring out the things that I naturally excel in so I can put that out there and explain that to somebody else, because again, I just didn’t have the word for it. And so I am a huge fan of strength finder. Okay,

01:08:39 April Grant
um, and I will put all of this in the show notes with links s so that people can find it. And where can we find you online?

01:08:48 Cachet Prescott
Uh, if you just go to cash a Prescott dot com that is the best place to find all things related to me.

01:08:54 April Grant
Alright, awesome. Uh, and thank you so much. Just This is so fun. This

01:08:59 Cachet Prescott
was fun. I’m so glad we had a chance to change that. 01:09:02 April Grant
Yes. Have a great day.

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