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Today we are joined by Adalia Aborisade, an international educator, travel coach, and personal finance counselor. She works to empower women of color by demystifying travel, finance, and everything in between.

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Going natural is more than getting chemicals out of your hair. It is about ridding your body, your space, and your surroundings of toxins. When you experience an awakening, it’s time for a shift. From getting a divorce to packing up and moving to Honduras with her 15-year old daughter, Adalia takes us on her journey of getting to a healthier space in all aspects of her life.

Adalia shares her experiences with living in Honduras, Kuwait, China, Mexico, and her plans to visit the Republic of Georgia. In addition to living abroad and traveling, there are many ways to travel and if you’re considering the ex-pat life, maybe it’s time to get your passport, laptop, and visa. Do you know about short term visas? Ready to retire: consider a retirement visa. Did you know about spousal visas? If you’re interested in living and working worldwide, then this episode is for you.

  • Clarification about Postal Service in Honduras: While Honduras has a decentralized postal service, packages and letters can be sent and received at designated locations.

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Transcript Below:

00:00:04 April Grant
Hello and welcome to another episode of the other side of 40. Today we have a Dahlia AB or a shady who is an international educator, travel coach and personal finance counselor. In 2016 she moved Thio,

00:00:22 April Grant
Honduras, with her 15 year old daughter and her furry BFF. A Dahlia works to empower women of color to live life on their terms by demystifying money, travel and everything in between.

00:00:37 April Grant
So welcome. Welcome. Welcome. Welcome.

00:00:41 April Grant
Um, thank you.

00:00:44 April Grant
I’m going to start with the standard question. I asked,

00:00:47 April Grant
Did you have an awakening moment? And if you did tell us about it?

00:00:53 Adalia Aborisade
Um, yeah, I did, but it e think it kind of grew to an awakening moment. I think it started.

00:01:03 Adalia Aborisade
I started asking questions of myself and looking at my life and questioning the things I did probably about 10 years ago

00:01:14 Adalia Aborisade
when I was around 35.

00:01:18 Adalia Aborisade
I joke and say going natural call cause me to get a divorce, because when I went natural, that just kind of started this chain reaction of Well, if I’m questioning what I’m putting in my hair Well, what about the food I’m eating? And what about this. And what about that? And then that eventually grows until, you know, you look around at this relationship you’re in and how you’re being treated and you’re like, Is this the life that I want is, Is this it? And so I think the big moment of where I was just like, Okay, something has to change here. Probably came,

00:02:03 Adalia Aborisade
uh, January 2014 end of 2013. Um, I don’t know that it was I was even conscious of it at the time. But I have the memory of sending my best friend. Ah, link toe article. I found about all of the efs I refused to give in 2014 and I was like, This is my energy right here.

00:02:33 Adalia Aborisade
And, um, I was in the next year. I was divorced. A year after that, I had moved to Honduras.

00:02:42 April Grant
Wow, that’s two major transitions pretty quickly. So tell us, what about, uh, the marriage that made you want to

00:02:52 April Grant
stop being in it?

00:02:56 Adalia Aborisade

00:02:58 Adalia Aborisade
it when you get married in your 19 you think you know everything, and then 20 years later, you figure out you don’t know anything. Um, there were a lot of problems in the marriage, and I It lasted as long as it did. I will completely take credit for that and say, I carry that bad boy on my back

00:03:21 Adalia Aborisade
and at a great personal cost to myself. And that cost was taking its toll. And it was like Either I lose myself completely here or this is gonna have to come to an end.

00:03:36 Adalia Aborisade
And so, um,

00:03:39 Adalia Aborisade
yeah, the opportunity presented itself,

00:03:43 Adalia Aborisade
uh, where

00:03:47 Adalia Aborisade
he was, like, you know, because this I have to say I was married to a narcissist. I didn’t understand this at the time. I understand this now, and he would play these games and, you know, one of these mind games was like, Oh, we’re gonna break, pick up. But that’s when I was supposed to apologize for my failings, try and make it better. And this time he pulled that, and I was like, Okay,

00:04:15 April Grant
we’re gonna forget the

00:04:16 Adalia Aborisade
cool. Well, yeah. Then after that, I was out.

00:04:21 April Grant
Oh, wow. Okay. It seems like by that by the time it came to an end, you were done. There was no question about it.

00:04:30 Adalia Aborisade
Oh, yeah.

00:04:31 Adalia Aborisade
Good. Yeah.

00:04:33 April Grant
Okay. So what took you from? I’m assuming the U S to on Honduras.

00:04:40 Adalia Aborisade

00:04:42 Adalia Aborisade
I had always wanted to live abroad. I’d always traveled.

00:04:48 Adalia Aborisade
Um, I worked as a geography teacher. I’d always had an interest in other cultures, that sort of thing. And, um, that was, you know, getting married so young, you push a lot of your dreams and your goals to the side for everybody else. And that was one of those things that got pushed to the side. Um, and

00:05:11 Adalia Aborisade

00:05:14 Adalia Aborisade

00:05:20 April Grant
Is that your furry BFF?

00:05:24 Adalia Aborisade
Yeah. And all of a sudden, out of the blue

00:05:29 Adalia Aborisade

00:05:31 Adalia Aborisade

00:05:39 Adalia Aborisade
Sorry about that. It’s okay.

00:05:45 Adalia Aborisade

00:05:46 Adalia Aborisade
what was the question?

00:05:48 April Grant
I said, what did you do?

00:05:49 Adalia Aborisade
We owe abroad.

00:05:52 Adalia Aborisade
Yeah. So I had always wanted to live abroad. And so, in all of my questioning and re evaluating my situation in life, um, I had come to I’d come to the conclusion that the life I wanted to live, I really couldn’t live in the United States, and so I knew I would go abroad at some point. Um, I was The original plan was to wait until my youngest graduated from high school, and then a Siris of things kind of came up like my lease was up. My car was paid off, and I was like, Maybe I should go now, Bond. So I started looking for a job and found one and

00:06:36 Adalia Aborisade
ended up moving to Honduras.

00:06:38 April Grant
Wow. So tell us about your experience there.

00:06:42 April Grant
How did it differ from

00:06:44 April Grant
here? Especially Kind of just packing up and moving. Um,

00:06:49 April Grant
it’s not like you have. You don’t have family in Honduras, right?

00:06:54 Adalia Aborisade
Oh, no. I did not know anybody. And I knew virtually nothing about Honduras. It is not like when you try and do your research. Um, it’s not a place that many people move to eso there aren’t the blog’s there aren’t the YouTube channels providing information.

00:07:18 April Grant

00:07:20 April Grant
so how did you like your experience there?

00:07:27 April Grant
Can you hear me?

00:07:29 Adalia Aborisade
I can hear you. You, um I will just say that the internet strength is not great. Here s so there may be a little bit of a delay.

00:07:41 April Grant
Um, yeah, just so. But how was it once you got there? Fitting in, taking everything to account? How did that

00:07:50 April Grant
to get everything in? How did it go?

00:07:54 Adalia Aborisade
Um, it went really well. Um, I worked at a very, very small international school and the ladies who I ended up meeting through work. We’re very cool people. So I think because of the nature of the school being so small, and the number of foreigners in town being so few very much developed a community. My daughter, she really enjoyed her time there. She made friends very quickly. Um, and so she had all kind of fun and adventures in that sort of thing. So no, it was it was a good experience. And

00:08:35 Adalia Aborisade
other than really, the only stumbling point was I didn’t understand that every country did not have mail service or use addresses. So my grand plan of Oh, if I can’t get what I need, I’ll just order it off of Amazon. That didn’t work.

00:08:58 April Grant
Oh, does I mean, did Amazon even delivered near you? Or did you could do not get any delivery whatsoever? Okay,

00:09:06 Adalia Aborisade
well, there is no there is no mail system, like in my Spanish class, where we were learning the words for the different professions. And my teacher took out the one for mailman because she was like, we didn’t don’t have that here. And I was like. What do you mean? You don’t have that?

00:09:24 Adalia Aborisade
They don’t. They don’t have a mail system.

00:09:27 Adalia Aborisade
It simply does not exist.

00:09:30 April Grant
Oh, that’s that’s an interesting concept. I never thought that that was a

00:09:37 April Grant
a thing. I mean, maybe not the way we do it, but not at all. Not a version of it is pretty.

00:09:44 Adalia Aborisade
Yeah. The closest thing they have is you can you can take stuff to the station on def. There’s a bus going to the city that you want to send a letter.

00:09:58 Adalia Aborisade
The letter can go on the bus, and then you need to have somebody pick up the letter at the bus station at the city on the other end.

00:10:07 April Grant
Oh, okay. That makes you have to be very creative. And, um, I think a lot about sending letters and whether you’re going to send them at all and how that all operates. Um, okay, So tell us. Tell us more just about you. What made you want to be a part of the other side of 40?

00:10:31 Adalia Aborisade
Um, I have kind of had this theory going since I turned 40. Um, that there is something that magic of something magical that happens when women turned 40. Because ever since I turned 40 and I’m talking to these other women, it’s just

00:10:51 Adalia Aborisade
it seems that everybody kind of comes to this this really ization to this point of, you know, like,

00:10:57 Adalia Aborisade
this is who I am. This is the life I want and I don’t care what anybody else thinks. And so when I, um, trying to even I can’t remember how I came across it, But I was like, Oh, yeah, I resonate with this.

00:11:15 April Grant

00:11:16 April Grant
So in your discussions with your friends and colleagues, what have been kind of the major life changes for you? It was travel. Um, did you notice what else your friends did differently or changed?

00:11:32 Adalia Aborisade
Um, there were quite a few divorces. Um, lots of travel in the circles. I’m moving now. Quite a few people moved abroad, but really, it was, you know, people, women going after things they had always wanted to do, Like learning to fly a plane, uh, starting a business, quitting a job. Just all these these these goals in these dreams that I think they had put on hold for a variety of reasons,

00:12:05 April Grant
right? I mean, that’s definitely why I started it. I had my own at 40 and the more women I talked to, the more it seems to be common that at some point that just life isn’t acceptable the way it is. And there’s a lot of changes that could be made. Sometimes it’s just learning a new skill. Sometimes it’s, you know, changing relationship status, whether finally pulling the trigger and getting married or getting a divorce or deciding to have a child. You know, it’s all something that just I got to do it and I want to do it now.

00:12:43 April Grant
So, um, in your travels, tell us a little bit more. You said you’re in international, coach, and, um, you help people with their finances. So

00:12:55 April Grant
tell us a little bit about that.

00:12:59 Adalia Aborisade

00:13:01 Adalia Aborisade
um, for a long, very long time,

00:13:05 Adalia Aborisade
I waas was a teacher, and so that was the easiest way for me to move abroad. Um and

00:13:13 Adalia Aborisade
I have since since I moved to Honduras, I’ve I’ve lived in Kuwait in Mexico, and I currently live in China about to retire and, um, something that has kind of

00:13:29 Adalia Aborisade
always been there is thistle. Um,

00:13:34 Adalia Aborisade
I don’t know What’s the right word for it. I’ve always kind of been one to share knowledge. I have things that I figure out. I joke sometimes that it’s like my superpower, that I learn things the hard way so other people don’t have to. So I find out like, Oh, this is how you do this thing and I share that. And one of the things that comes up so many times is I come across women who are like, Well, well, I wanna travel, I wanna live abroad but I don’t know if I can afford it or that sort of thing Um,

00:14:10 Adalia Aborisade
and then of the women that I talked to who do live abroad like they maybe don’t know how to secure themselves financially for that time when they’re no longer working and because I’ve kind of always sort of dabbled in that I went ahead to pursue certification so that I could help primarily black women, um, get themselves together financially so that whatever that dream is, if it’s travel, if it’s like living abroad, if it’s, you know, quitting this job, you hate or whatever that they could be in a financial situation that they could do those things.

00:14:53 April Grant
So where would one start? Let’s say I wanted Thio Just pick up and move. I’m in the same situation as you. My car is paid off. My lease is up. I’m ready to go. What is the first thing that I should be considering

00:15:09 April Grant
prior to making the leap?

00:15:16 Adalia Aborisade

00:15:17 Adalia Aborisade
do you plan to work because that is going to impact where you can live legally. Um,

00:15:27 Adalia Aborisade
because are you going to want to work in the country that you are living in, or can you do some work online?

00:15:35 Adalia Aborisade
So that’s probably where I would start. There are a lot of places where you can live much cheaper than you can in the United States. So if you’ve got money saved up or you have kind of like a side hustle that you do online, that might be all you need. So that that would be where I would start.

00:15:56 Adalia Aborisade
And then the next thing is to think about visas.

00:16:00 Adalia Aborisade
Um, you know, some people want to be nomads. They kind of want to try this country, try that country, and so that takes one approach as opposed to people who are alive, like no, this country is where I want to live. I want to make that home. I want to start a life there. Well, then you need a long term visa. And so then we got to figure out which one do you qualify for?

00:16:25 April Grant
Well, how many different visas are there? Do you have a lot of knowledge about the visa process?

00:16:31 Adalia Aborisade
Well, I have some, um, because I’ve navigated it as someone who moved to another country with a job offer, as well as someone who moved to another country without one and had to never forget that process on their own. Um, it’s going to vary with every country, but there are student visas. This is one that’s really overlooked

00:16:55 Adalia Aborisade
because most countries do not have an age limit on student visas. So a country where you probably

00:17:03 Adalia Aborisade
that might be restrictive in giving residency, you might be able to come in on a student visa. You know,

00:17:12 Adalia Aborisade
higher education costs are generally significantly cheaper outside of the United States.

00:17:18 Adalia Aborisade
Um, so that’s an option. I think that gets overlooked a lot. There is residency, which is sort of like the equivalent of an American a green card. Um, there is temporary, permanent kind of self explanatory. But then there are retirement visas. But again, a lot of countries don’t have age limits on that. What they want are people who are going to come into the country and put money into the economy me and not need employment. So there are countries like I’m thinking about Mexico right off the top of my head. Or where you can come men and be retired. But you can still work online. You could still have a business online, but they will let you have residency in their country.

00:18:11 Adalia Aborisade
And you can still earn money elsewhere. Um, there, of course, spousal visas. Several European countries have girlfriend or boyfriend visas where you can sponsor somebody’s, uh, residency. And you don’t even have to be married. E I think that girlfriend and boyfriend,

00:18:30 April Grant
I think that’s smart. Because if you’re moving someone across country that maybe you’d like Thio live with them for a little bit before you commit thio it. But, uh, you know, go ahead. I’m sorry.

00:18:45 Adalia Aborisade
Yeah, yeah. Um, there are also No, but they’re they’re also, um, countries who have investment visas where they’re looking for people to put in Ah, sizeable chunk of money. Heck, there are countries where you could basically straight up by citizenship.

00:19:04 Adalia Aborisade
You invest enough money, they’ll give you citizenship or you buy property.

00:19:13 Adalia Aborisade
Did I lose? You know I’m

00:19:15 April Grant

00:19:18 April Grant
Can you not hear me?

00:19:19 Adalia Aborisade
Okay, okay. Just checking it. It’s on my end, then. No, I can hear you. The screen froze. Um, so, yeah, there are investment visas. Um, there are not like Spain has a non lucrative visa, which is basically

00:19:37 Adalia Aborisade
like, if if you have an Internet business or you’re a digital nomad or something like that, that’s a way to get residency in Spain. Basically again. They don’t want you to compete with Spaniards for jobs because their economy is not very strong. Wages are not high, unemployment is high. So if you can support yourself in a way that doesn’t put you in direct competition with a local,

00:20:05 Adalia Aborisade
you can get ah, visa there. Um, there are some countries that have visas for, um, entrepreneurs, people who are looking to start businesses who will hire ah, few locals. That’s another way to get in The business doesn’t It doesn’t have to be like a large corporation. So there are actually a lot of options. It just depends on the country you have in mind.

00:20:34 April Grant
Well, that’s pretty interesting. So what made you choose the countries that you chose? Um, Kuwait stands out because typically, people think of that as a war zone or previous war zone. So what made you go somewhere like Kuwait?

00:20:55 Adalia Aborisade
I went to Kuwait because I had a job offer. Um, I would hazard and say nobody moves to Kuwait for fun. Uh, because it’s just not that much to do. There just isn’t, um

00:21:13 Adalia Aborisade
and on top of that can’t even drink. Um, so, no, I moved there because I had a job offer. That is also why I moved to China. Um, China is not

00:21:25 Adalia Aborisade
a country top on my list, but a knopper to nitty presented itself. I was supposed to be here for four months. I was like, Okay, I could do that. And then that four months has turned into a year and a half.

00:21:39 Adalia Aborisade

00:21:40 Adalia Aborisade
Mexico. I chose because after living in Honduras, it was very clear to me

00:21:47 Adalia Aborisade
what what I wanted out of a city. Um and so when I made that move, I have sort of like, my my checklist of, like, the city has to have mass transit. They need a large enough international airport that I can travel easily. There’s gotta be stuff to do, you know, like, that sort of thing. Right. Um,

00:22:10 Adalia Aborisade
it is very possible that, you know, when it’s not the middle of the apocalypse and borders reopen that I will probably spend ah, big chunk of time in, like, Georgia, Republic of Georgia and Eastern Europe. Okay, um, they have, ah, tourist visa for 365 days. Um, and so I’m I’m curious about that part of the world. Inexpensive. Good wine.

00:22:39 Adalia Aborisade
Good food. Um, and they don’t appear to have much issue with black people. Like they’re like Okay. Yeah, You’re black. No big deal.

00:22:49 April Grant
Right? So

00:22:50 April Grant
wow. And are you Are you having any race issues in China or have any other places? Have you had any race issues?

00:23:02 Adalia Aborisade
Um, e don’t know if Well, I was going to say I don’t know if I would call my issues in China race issues, but

00:23:11 Adalia Aborisade
they are directly related to rate, so I might as well call them what they are. Um, I had visited China twice before moving here. And I had even done ah, school that I used the work out in the States, had an exchange program with a school in southern China, and so I’d spent kind of an extended chunk of time here and didn’t really have any issues. Um, but when I moved to this city, that’s when I started to experience. You know, the stuff that you always hear people talking about the staring, the taking of pictures, that kind of thing. And then, um,

00:23:51 Adalia Aborisade
it has been in the wake of the pandemic. It has gotten really bad.

00:23:58 Adalia Aborisade
Um, that’s interesting. So, yeah. Um oh, yeah. The script has been flipped here. Really? Foreigners are bringing the disease to the country.

00:24:10 April Grant
Oh, okay. All right. Well, I

00:24:13 April Grant
sure that’s how that,

00:24:17 April Grant
but, you know, in a country that controls 100% the media and the message that gets out and no one else can say anything otherwise than you,

00:24:29 April Grant
you learn to believe it. You don’t realize that there are multiple points of view and multiple news outlet. Unless you’re watching, like, BBC America or something like that.

00:24:39 April Grant
Uh huh.

00:24:41 Adalia Aborisade
Yeah. So, um,

00:24:44 Adalia Aborisade
I guess it. Zits. Nothing like the stuff that made the news. Like in the last month down in the South. Um, it’s just that I can’t. It’s impacting my quality of life. I can’t live the kind of life I want with this guy kind of scrutiny and, um, other ring.

00:25:07 Adalia Aborisade
Um, so you know, I mean, I knew this place was not for me. Long term. This is just underscoring that.

00:25:16 April Grant
Gotcha. So, have you found a job in Georgia or that region of the world?

00:25:25 Adalia Aborisade
No. And I don’t know that I plan to if I can help it, have a quote unquote job.

00:25:35 Adalia Aborisade
Um, I kind of had this really ization that being on someone else’s schedule was interfering with my travel. I’m sure

00:25:45 April Grant
most of us agree with

00:25:46 Adalia Aborisade
that. So I was like, Yeah, this isn’t gonna work because I would like to be able to come and go as I please and not have to worry about somebody else’s schedule. So, um, I don’t know if we’re going to use the word retired. Um, but definitely I will be focusing mawr on, like, financial coaching and that sort of saying, um versus a typical 9 to 5 job.

00:26:17 April Grant
Okay. Do you have a already established financial coaching business, or are you developing it? Now that you’re transitioning work,

00:26:29 Adalia Aborisade
I am developing and developing it. Now, um, it’s kind of in that thing that’s always been in the back of my mind. Um, I’ve done it informally.

00:26:40 Adalia Aborisade
And now that I have made this decision to pivot, I’m like, Okay, we’ll go ahead and we’ll we’ll pursue that

00:26:48 April Grant

00:26:49 April Grant
and tell us a little bit about your background in finance. Is it just a personal experience or you are educated in the field?

00:26:59 Adalia Aborisade
It is primarily for personal experience. Um,

00:27:04 Adalia Aborisade
yeah, I

00:27:07 Adalia Aborisade
I’ve kind of

00:27:09 Adalia Aborisade
my my my childhood had some issues in it, and basically, I grew up without a safety net, So I can remember being like 13 years old and concerned about like, uh, income and bills and savings rates and that kind of stuff At 13 so right. It’s always been an interest,

00:27:34 Adalia Aborisade
sometimes more so out of necessity than just because of a love of the topic. Um And then as I’ve gotten older,

00:27:43 Adalia Aborisade
like I said, it’s been one of those things. Like, you know, I learned some stuff and I share it. And then in this last year, I went ahead and got some formal education. I am hoping that once I am out of here and go ahead and sit for my certification exam.

00:28:01 April Grant
Oh, nice. Okay.

00:28:04 April Grant
And you, Are you taking that online right now?

00:28:10 Adalia Aborisade
Um, yes, but I would, um just because of the jaenke Internet here in this country, I would rather do my testing in a place where it’s more stable. But, yeah, I’ve been able to do the program online.

00:28:28 April Grant
Oh, nice. All right. And so you’re going to continue to travel. And so

00:28:35 April Grant
I’m getting the feeling that but money has never really been an issue because your employment plus living in places with lower cost of living,

00:28:45 April Grant
you’ve been ableto manage financially. Better even, maybe better than you would hear.

00:28:53 April Grant
Is that correct?

00:28:55 Adalia Aborisade
Um, yeah, I think so. I think the big difference for me because it’s not that I’m like rich. Oh, gosh. No. It is like you said, lower cost of living. And I left the United States. I did not have any consumer debt because there are a lot of people who go abroad and still have credit card bills they’re trying to pay or student loans that they are, you know, trying to decide if my paying these off Am I just gonna walk away from that sort of thing? So I didn’t have that, but, um, you know, I’ve always been a saver. Later in life, I got into investing. So, um, I’ve had

00:29:42 Adalia Aborisade
the cushion to give me the freedom of when something isn’t serving me. I could walk away and be like, OK, this this isn’t for me. I’m gonna go do something else.

00:29:52 Adalia Aborisade
And then definitely being I couldn’t have that kind of freedom in the United States. No.

00:29:58 April Grant
Oh, wow. Okay, so you said you got into investing. I know a lot of ladies are thinking about investing. Where would you suggest a start?

00:30:09 April Grant
What would be your tip? What? What did you do to really start investing

00:30:14 April Grant
to make additional income?

00:30:17 Adalia Aborisade
It’s, um keep it simple. I am a fan of simplicity. Um, I know there are people who will tell you that you can make all of this money by investing in individual stocks. Um,

00:30:33 Adalia Aborisade
unless you have a lot of time in a lot of interests in doing lots of research Don’t go that route. My suggestion is find an index that you like. Ah, total stock market index or a total foreign market index. When I say index, basically, it is a fund that copies like we’ve all heard of the Dow Jones. That is an index. Okay, uh, that follow certain stocks. Well, you can buy something that behaves like a stock that tries to mirror that. So it’s sort of like I buy this one thing. I get lots of diversity and very, very simple. So that would be my suggestion. If you wanted to get into it,

00:31:21 Adalia Aborisade
I’d buy an index fund. Probably a total stock market index fund.

00:31:25 Adalia Aborisade

00:31:27 April Grant
All right. Do you have any other tips that you’d like to leave the audience or anything else that you want to

00:31:34 April Grant

00:31:34 Adalia Aborisade
Other tips? Hm? I would say, Don’t let

00:31:43 Adalia Aborisade
what you think society says you’re supposed to do. Don’t let that get in the way of the thing that you really want to dio

00:31:52 Adalia Aborisade
there. There are no rules. If and my other thing would be e to listen to your intuition, e think women have been conditioned for far too long to dismiss our intuition.

00:32:07 Adalia Aborisade
And there are so many times in life when I think that voice speaks to us and we dismiss it when that voice is really truly what we should be doing.

00:32:18 April Grant
Mm. I have to agree with that. And I think we often dismiss it for being too too emotional

00:32:26 April Grant
because it will get in our feelings because it is inside of us to make the decision. And instead of making decision, we wanna come off calm and,

00:32:36 April Grant
uh, not rocking the boat. And what we’re doing is just ignoring

00:32:42 April Grant
what we really think should happen.

00:32:44 April Grant
So I totally agree.

00:32:48 April Grant
So well, this has been a nice interview. Um, I hope you enjoy the rest of the month that you have to spend there. You said 17 days, 17 to 28

00:32:59 Adalia Aborisade
30 days. Assuming, assuming I can get a flight out, that in the last week that has become doubtful, which is kind of like breaking my heart. But I am hoping full that I will be able to get a flight out.

00:33:16 April Grant
Can you fly to another country and then at all, or is no. Our flights landed at

00:33:22 Adalia Aborisade
period. There are. There are flights When the Chinese government closed the borders at the end of March, they restricted airlines to one flight per week from one Chinese city to one country. So any airline that is flying can Onley flow by 21 country once a week.

00:33:47 Adalia Aborisade
The problem I have is

00:33:51 Adalia Aborisade
there are no foreign airlines currently flying, which wouldn’t be a big deal. Except I have my dog with me. And she generally goes in the cabin. Chinese airlines do not allow dogs in cabin,

00:34:06 April Grant
so they have to go under. There are flights.

00:34:12 April Grant
Yeah, so they have to go underneath.

00:34:13 Adalia Aborisade
And that is not the right choice for this animal. So gotcha.

00:34:20 Adalia Aborisade
Yeah. So, um, until there are foreign airlines flying Basic Klay, I’m stuck here.

00:34:29 April Grant
Oh, wow.

00:34:31 April Grant
Wow. But you are you still employed while you’re stuck? There?

00:34:36 Adalia Aborisade
I am, uh, for another 30 days. I am. And and you know, if it came to it. Although this is not what I want to dio, I could find a job because my residence visa is good for another year. Um, because the borders are closed. And if you were outside of the border and you had a residence visa, you can’t come back in. So there are lots of schools who have teachers outside or they hired new people who are outside that can’t get in Esso. Technically, the fact that I am here if I wanted another job stood work in my favorite quite a bit.

00:35:19 Adalia Aborisade
I just don’t want another job.

00:35:22 April Grant
You’re tired. It’s It’s retirement. Yeah, it’s true. It’s not retirement time. It’s transition time. It’s time to start the next chapter.

00:35:33 April Grant
Okay. All right. Well, it’s a pleasure speaking with you. Um, and I look forward to spending more time being able to talk to you more often.

00:35:43 April Grant
Eso join us in the Facebook like we have our Facebook group to communicate other side of 40 official Facebook group online And where we can have real conversations about real things.

00:35:56 April Grant
Uh, have have a great day. You too,

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