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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen what’s going on in the world. But in short, George Floyd was murdered by a Minneapolis Police Officer on May 25, 2020 and the world had had enough.

Protests have broken out worldwide to spread the message of #BlackLivesMatter.

It’s heartbreaking that another Black man had to die for people to recognize that we are treated differently by police officers, but I’ve already gotten off topic.

I remember the 1992 riots – young and unaware of how the world worked- I lived right outside of Los Angeles, and I couldn’t understand why the cops wanted to hurt Rodney King.

As we all chanted “Can’t We All Just Get Along,” I thought we had moved forward, moved on. But I also didn’t comprehend the complexities of the issues. I was a “good kid” one that didn’t get in trouble, received good grades, and was active in school activities.

Now, 30 years later, that chant has changed from “Can’t We All Just Get Along” to “#BlackLivesMatter” but the movement is very much the same.

I would love to see 10 years into the future and see that this meant something, that hearts and minds are really changed.

I think it will happen. I think this time is different.

Why do I think this time is different?

Protests are nationwide – from the metropolis to the suburbs. Protests are worldwide – from Paris to Australia.

We are walking together as a nation – arm in arm. The whole world is finally ready to address this issue of racism. Borne long ago, this disease has infiltrated most societies. Although many have quashed or tamed their violent biases, the United States has been on the forefront of renewing and reviving racism in new and inventive ways.

Whites are listening, reading and watching – not to condemn, but to see, learn and do better. I am watching them share, cry and understand what we’ve been saying for years.

Black people are exhausted by racism that is common and consistent, and now white people are really seeing it. Some are learning for the first time what we have experienced our entire lives; after four hundred years of shouldering this alone, they are feeling the weight of this problem too.

Other POC are here and are showing solidarity and unity.

Watching people work together and join forces through the worst viral pandemic in modern times, is helping. Despite dealing with unemployment, underemployment, and a health crisis people are saying “enough is enough.” Co-existing problems have forced people to sit and pay attention and not hide in work or their personal lives. Because people are having to be still to stop the spread of COVID19, there is no where to turn away from it. For the first time, they (non-Blacks) have to sit in it – sit in the pain, sit in the discomfort, sit in the realization that Black lives have not been treated equal from day one.

We cannot look away. Do NOT look away.

When you’re tired, keep going. We are working to break the cycle of 400 YEARS of abuse, please be patient. This won’t happen overnight.

Don’t get distracted, because what’s coming is REALLY good!

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