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How do you make time for yourself? Dr Deena on this past week’s podcast really got me thinking. She reminded us to make time for ourselves.

Finding the time for yourself is important. Finding the time to breathe and be free is necessary. We know this. We hear this message often. We want to find to find the time, but how?

Between work, home, relationships, parenting, etc., there isn’t always a lot of time left. What does it mean to find the time? Where is this magical thing called me time?

As restrictions begin to lift in places, some of us may have to figure out what me time looks like. The pandemic has changed our life and our routines. You might find yourself in a different mindset about what me time looks like now. You might have different requirements for me time than you did last year. The good thing is you have time to figure it out. There’s no one way and there’s no right way to do me time.

Using My Time

One of the things I enjoyed this past year, even though I did none of the things I normally do, was being unbusy. I hope to never return to that constant state of moving. Doing all of the things was never necessary. It was a relief to be free from that. Freeing myself from all of those obligations, has freed up some time that I can use for me time.

What does my ME Time look like?

  • Eating healthy, exercising, exfoliating my skin.
  • Greasing my scalp after washing my hair.
  • Putting a warm towel on my face to give a mini facial of sorts.
  • Binge watching tv shows.
  • Reading.
  • Writing.
  • Cooking.
  • Taking naps.

Finding Time

Finding me time can be hard when you have other obligations. Here are 3 suggestions to help you find your ME Time:

  1. Listen to the Podcast with Dr. Deena.
  2. Become un-busy and restore balance.
  3. Be intentional and set your vision.

It may not be easy at first, but it’ll definitely be worth it. It’s necessary to put the M-E back in time.

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