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Did you have an awakening or an epiphany around the age of 40? Did you wake up wanting something different but feeling stuck? Is it indescribable?

You are not alone. You are with us!

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40 Miles Ahead | The Other Side of 40

40 Miles Ahead

A financial journey Before & After the big FOUR OHHH. Before I even get started sharing my personal yellow brick Road, let me give you a few things to consider right out the gate: COLLABORATE/PARTNERSHIP ENTREPRENEURSHIP INVEST CREATIVE GIFTS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT…

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The Other Side of 40 | The Beginning

The Other Side of 40 – Renee’s Story

I’m 41 and still, it’s not what I expected. I still fight fear and sometimes it wins. As to whether life is better or not, well it depends on the bar of expectations I’ve set. The rules that I’ve followed to the T have not made my life exceedingly better. Is it time to shake up the rules? Is it time to break them? Is it time to accept things as they are and settle?

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