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It seems that we are always waiting. We’re waiting for the right time to do things. It makes sense to do this sometime. When it’s a big purchase, you have to weight the pros and cons and take some time to wait. A house is a decision that requires some waiting and so does buying a car. A serious financial commitment or a major life change warrants waiting for a period of time to consider all the possibilities.

But do we need to have a waiting period for everything?

We always plan to make time in the future. We promise to treat ourselves in the future. We say we’ll do that thing in the future. Planning isn’t the problem. We should plan to do things. If you have five days on a trip to a popular tourist spot, it might be a better option to have a planned agenda. Planning a big treat for yourself in the future, is great too. If you’re planning a Girl’s Trip, it might need to be in the future so that partners can take time to make sure they can pick up the other part of the work you do; you may need to request time off from work; you might need to arrange childcare or arrange care for someone if you’re a caretaker. So planning is necessary for big and costly things.  And in order for these big trips to a tourist spot or a Girl’s Trip to work, you’ll need to likely wait until schedules fall in place. For some things, we have to wait.  

But is everything that you want to do expensive though? Is everything that you want to do “big?” Do we need to wait to do everything that we want? I can go ahead and answer that question: no.

Axe the Waiting Period

Why are we waiting for everything? Why are we waiting to do even small things for ourselves? Why are we waiting to live life to the fullest?

Do we feel that we don’t deserve to have a thing until we have achieved a certain milestone? Do we feel that we haven’t done enough to enjoy something? Do we feel we need to pay our dues in order to exhale?

I have felt this way for so long. And listen, I’m tired of waiting. For the right time. For the right moment. The perfect moment is never going to happen. I’ve been struggling for so long with this. Feeling as if I have to earn the right for a treat. As if I have to earn the right to live. As if I have to earn the right to relax. Just by virtue of living, I’ve earned this right and so have you.

This past year, this COVID experience has reminded me that the time is now. The time to live is now. The time to relax is now. The time to have the treat is now. Free yourself from the wait!

I decided it was time to axe the waiting period. I’ve been doing the “right” thing for long. Adhering to rules, norms, cultural & social mores, set by parents, friends, and partners. I’m tired of waiting until I’ve met all these benchmarks to treat myself.  

Getting to this point has been a struggle. It’s been me having arguments with myself. Even when it’s something I really want to do. But I finally did it. I bought myself the lingerie set I wanted. After waiting for the flat stomach which may never come, I said forget it. I deserve to look good for me. And you know what? The purchase made me happy. And I look pretty hot!

Treat Yourself

If you’ve been waiting, for a sign, this is it. You don’t have to earn a treat. You don’t have to earn the right to live. You don’t have to earn the right to relax and rest. Stop waiting for permission! Stop waiting until the “right time.” The right time is NOW.   

You deserve it. Buy yourself the ice cream. Buy yourself the new bra. Go on the mini road trip.

Good things don’t always come to those who wait. You know what else? You’ve waited long enough. And now, it’s time to treat yourself! Free yourself from waiting!

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